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Native Android App Development

What are native Android apps?

Do native androids dream of electric sheep?

Native android app are the apps that are developed in a particular programming language, for a particular device platform, and are mostly written in Java. Android native apps took the 2010s by storm and they have not planned on stopping since.

Android Native App Development

Android native apps focus mainly on standardized SDK, interface elements, and development tools. Pokemon GO, a mobile phone game that emerged in 2016, is a good example of an android native app. It had helped people to go out for fun with their phones while gaming and had become a global sensation at that point. Several such android native apps are what we have used.

Android Apps


  1. Responsive and fast. They do not mess around and therefore are reliable.
  2. Wider device functionality can be accessed by these native apps.
  3. Taking platform conventions into consideration, UI/UX are matched.

Setbacks of Android native applications

  1. Codebase is not singular, multiple codebases are used for every platform.
  2. Android native apps take longer to develop and cost more.

Cross-platform native Android apps

Many native Android apps tend to be cross-platform. As discussed above, one of the setbacks is having multiple platforms but cross-platform development is done through various alternatives without compromising the user access or experience to native APIs. Android App Development Melbourne is putting more emphasis on native apps than hybrid and the others.

Cross-platform development is made possible through multiple platforms such as Google’s Flutter, React Native, Titanium, and Xamarin. Android Native Development Services are not just limited to these platforms, there are many more that we have not yet mentioned but you can easily look them up on the web for your Android App Development Services.


Native Android apps are something most of us have come across and used to our heart’s contentment. Native Android App Development has a vast scope ahead and it is a plausible move to opt for that.

We hope our writing here aided you in learning more about the Android native apps as well as about Android App Development Services.

Android Apps

Native Android App Development

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