5 Major Development in Computer Vision

5 Major Developments in the Field of Computer Vision

Developments in computer vision to score deals in the future.

Computer vision is a rapidly expanding field in commercial , business and research applications. The commercial world is reaping the benefits from advances in research in computer vision that may change AI vision in the near future. What advances has computer vision made to date and how much further will it go? What does the future have in store for this revolutionizing tech? Here we will discuss the top five major developments in the field of computer vision.

1. Cloud Computing

Computer resources like compute infrastructure, networks, data storage are all carried out with cloud computing. These computes can be performed by utilizing local resources, however the process is very tedious and laborious.

Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services are the most popular cloud computing platforms that provide core solutions for monitoring, deployment, model implementation, and data aggregation. This helps empower AI computer vision further.

2. AutoML

Auto ML is a new mechanism that is aimed at automating the machine learning process. Although , it is still in it’s initial phases, it’s benefits are quite impressive. ML engineers find AutoML to be an effective time saving measure. It is due to these benefits that AI consulting Australia places emphasis on the implementation of AutoML.

Data preparation , hyperparameter optimization and data aggregation are some of the processes that still need to be automated.

AutoML applications contribute greatly to model performance and data quality. However, professional human sight and observation are still required to resolve data attainment issues in the main domain.

3. Frameworks and Libraries

Any ML engineer would leverage ML libraries and frameworks if they were given an opportunity to do so.  The advancement and development of ML libraries and frameworks is a continuous and gradual process. Examples of common use of these libraries includes MXNet, Kera, TensorFlow and PyTorch. ML libraries have a mobile focus too and are commonly utilized on that front too.

The importance of these libraries and frameworks can easily be proven with the adoption of computer vision services in Australia. Programming languages or pre-established well-functioning technologies are incomplete without these vital and practical libraries and frameworks. This is due to the fact that the entirety of software is built on some sort of framework and ML library.

4. Deep Learning

It is no news or surprise that computer vision challenges have long been resolved by deep learning. Neural network architectures are utilized to perform pose estimation, lane detection, and face detection. They all leverage layers of convolutional neural networks which strengthens the deep learning process. In addition to this , neural network architectures develop the backup ML support for computer vision.

Deep learning for computer vision is utilized everywhere including custom software in Australia. When it comes to computer vision both machine learning and deep learning are essential processes that enable advances in the tech world.

5. Mobile Devices

Hand-held devices are increasingly prioritized for their portability and other practical aspects. Software in mobiles enables computer vision functionalities. These functionalities are needed to reduce latency, enhance design, and to offer better security.

Mobile phones offer the public a platform for access to computer vision applications on a daily basis due to the common use of these hand-held devices.

Key Takeaways

  • Transformer architectures are utilized for the optimization of computer vision tasks.
  • AutoML solutions reduce the burden of time and energy as well as repetition.
  • Cloud computing services aid to scale up computer vision techniques.

These are the top five major developments in the field of computer vision that are constantly evolving and improving. The future only appears to be bright when it comes to computer vision due to its endless applications in the tech world and global market.


As computer vision takes the world by storm, there is no lack of enthusiasts and geeks willing to have a solid grasp on what is going on with this technology and its advances. The far-reaching influence of computer vision makes its presence felt even across the realms of computer software development in Australia. If that does not go to show how much work is being done to develop computer vision further, nothing else will. We hope that this article serves as an introduction to spark your curiosity and interest in this blooming field of computer vision.

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