Top 7 Mobile App Development Tools for Android & iOS

Top 7 Mobile App Development Tools for Android & iOS

As the world is transforming in the digital era, the need for mobile phones in everyone’s life is increasing tremendously. Do you know anyone that has not owned a mobile phone? No, because life revolves around the mobile phone. We all can do most of our daily tasks with a single touch, so mobile phones have made our lives very convenient and precise. According to an estimation, 75% of business organizations have developed at least one mobile application to make effective eCommerce strategies. Every iPhone Android app development company uses different software development tools to meet their customers’ requirements and get more opportunities for their business. Which tool is best for the development of mobile software? This is the most critical step in mobile app development. So here we have discussed 7 software development tools for iOS app development and android app development.

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What is Mobile Application Development and The Mobile Application Development Tools?

Mobile application development is the process in which software applications are developed for mobile phones. These apps are either built-in during mobile phone manufacturing or are delivered to the users in the form of mobile web applications. The mobile application development tools are the software components that are used to develop react native app development, hybrid app development, and cross-app development depending on the need of the users.

Top 7 Mobile App Development Tool for Android


Flutter app development tool is an advanced open-source platform developed by google. This platform is used for both Android and iOS app development. Flutter is becoming more popular among developers because of its Hot reload feature, which refers to previewing all the changes made in the app and resolving the glitches without restarting the application.

Customizable features and fast coding abilities have made this app development more prevalent in the tech market. According to an estimation, Flutter is the second most popular software development tool, and about 42% of developers use this tool to develop applications for hybrid app development.


Microsoft owns this open-source platform. Xamarin allows developers to develop Android, iPhone, and Windows apps in one programming language. Xamarin uses the programming language C#. It is considered the most popular cross-platform to form because 90% of the code can be used to develop an app for other platforms. This is used to develop native apps, and the most exciting feature is that in Xamarin, the app development time is less than in other tools. Xamarin is the first choice for developing high-quality mobile app solutions. The apps developed by Xamarin include Olo, The World Bank, Story, and Just Giving.


Using the most popular programming language, JavaScript, the developer can develop native apps, real-time analytics tools, and mobile APIs. That is why Appecelator is considered the best mobile app; application development tool. The inherent functionality of Appcelerator enables the developer to run the application on any device and operating system. It is also considered the easiest tool to integrate with iOS SDK and build iOS apps.

React Native

The React Native app development tool was designed by Facebook in 2015. The app developed by React Native is cost-effective because once the code is written in JavaScript, it can be used in developing Android and iOS apps. It is used to develop cross-platform apps.

Anyone is familiar with JavaScript, so no specific knowledge is required to work with React Native. The other distinct characteristic of React Native is that the apps developed have excellent performance and greater user experience. The apps developed by this software development tool include UberEatsa and Skype.


Ionic is a free and open-source tool that is used to develop a cross-platform and hybrid app for iPhone, Android, and the web by a single codebase system. This was released in the market in 2013 by Drifty. The ionic tool is compatible with various languages, including HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

In developing the app using the ionic tool, the developer can compose and reload the mobile app at any stage of development. The applications developed by the ionic platform include Diesel, McDonald’s, NASA, etc.

Android Studio

This tool is used only for the development of Android applications. This tool was designed by Google. The shortcut of creating and designing the apps and drag and drops features make it cost-effective. The additional features include Lint tools, Android-specific refactoring, temple-based wizard, and Gradle-based build support. This software development tool does not support the development of cross-platform mobile applications.


Appypie is a mobile application development tool that does not require coding for the development of mobile apps. This is the best tool for non-tech users. It can also be referred to as a self-service tool because the user can use it to develop and manage the application. The simple and easy drag-and-drop UI has made it for the fast development of Android and iPhone mobile apps. The introduction of Appypie in the tech market has made it possible for every business owner to make a mobile app according to the requirement of their business.

Custom Mobile App Development

Custom software development is the process of building apps according to the specifications and desires of the clients. Rather than using conventional and standard software, using a specialized and customized mobile application according to the need of your business speed up success. Many custom software development Australian companies offer the services of experienced and high-end expert developers. In Australia, the Brisbane app developers include many well-reputed app development companies that you can prefer depending on your project’s nature and complexity.

Wrapping Up

Mobile application development is the procedure of building mobile applications for Android and iOS. Different developers use different software developers’ tools depending on the type of mobile app they are going to develop and their app development skills. So in this blog, we have discussed the top 7 mobile development tools for Android and iOS. I hope you understand which tool is best for developing the mobile app according to your needs. THANK YOU!





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