What is Computer Vision The New Frontier of Artificial Intelligence

What is Computer Vision? The New Frontier of Artificial Intelligence

Computer vision and Artificial intelligence are the most incredible change in technology. It will be right if we say the blessing of artificial intelligence has replaced humans in many fields of life. Computer vision is used for data protection, security, surveillance, and manufacturing processes, in automotive. Computer vision deal with computational methods to derive meaningful information by analyzing digital images, videos, and other visual data. If you want to know more about computer vision and the frontier of artificial intelligence, you are at the right place because, in this blog, we will discuss what is AI computer vision and the new frontier of artificial intelligence.

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What Is Computer Vision?

Computer vision is the subfield of Artificial intelligence. It is also known as AI computer vision, which enables computers and other digital devices to gather purposeful information from digital images, videos, and other vision inputs. Further, based on this information, make recommendations and take action quickly. AI vision enables the computer to see, observe and recognize in the same way as humans, but we can also say more precisely than humans because it has eliminated the chance of human errors.

Computer vision is also called machine vision or machine perception because machines are trained to imitate human vision. Computer vision is the most complex and technical field of computer science because of the complexity of processing all the data of videos.

How Does Computer Vision Work?

When we want to train our computer to recognize specific objects, it needs a lot of data to be available. AI computer uses machine learning, specifically deep learning and convolutional neural network.

Machine learning algorithms are used to train the computer to understand the visual context of the digital image or video. The other technology is a convolutional neural network (CNN). This type of deep learning processes the data arranged in a grid-like manner in the image.

The convolutional neural network breaks the image into a pixel that generates labels, and these labels help to identify and recognize the objects. The CNN first checks the accuracy of the prediction about the object identification. The accuracy of the extracted information from the image is checked in a series of iterations until the predictions are accurate. CNN is used to analyze the images, but RNN is used in video analysis. The computer learns how to understand how the images relate to one another in the video.

What Tasks are Accomplished by Computer Vision System?

Computer vision systems are trained to work like human brains, but how does a computer classify and recognize objects? Here will discuss the following common tasks that a computer performs:

Object classification

Object recognition is the main task of computer vision. The computer analyzes the targeted object in many other objects present in the image. For example, the computer vision system will classify the object by classifying the cat from other objects in the image.

Object Identification

This task means identifying the particular object in the image or video and, for example, identifying the particular cat from other cats in the image or video.

Object Tracking

Object tracking is different from object classification and identification. In object tracking, after classifying and identifying the specific object, the movement of this object is tracked to gather meaningful information for further analysis. For example, tracking the movements of the cat in the video.

Applications of Computer Vision

Computer vision is not a new technology. It was 1950 when the experiments were done. As AI and computer vision are getting more popular day by day, it is not difficult to believe that computer vision technology is used in every field of life. Let’s discuss the fields where computer vision is used successfully!

Documents Scanning

Whether we have entered the digital world but maintaining the paper document record has its place. Sometimes it is very tiring and time-consuming to find something from the physical documents, so computer vision has resolved the issues in this case.

The computer can scan the physical document within just a few seconds, and you can extract the specific element of information by just entering the required text.

Medical Diagnosis

This technology has life-saving power because ailments can be recognized at the right time. In x-rays, MRIs, and CT scan technologies, computer vision plays a great role in identifying the ailments that help further disease treatment.

The algorithms are trained to diagnose the disease quickly, such as the computer vision system used to analyze the patient’s skin to diagnose the disease, for example, melanoma. This technology is also used to diagnose cancer and brain and spinal cord ailments.

Security and Surveillance

Security has been the top problem in every field, but computer vision has introduced innovative solutions to control crimes. By using facial recognition, object classification, and identification, criminal and suspicious persons can be identified easily. The IP cameras use computer vision technology to identify prohibited objects and persons and to maintain other security protocols.

Traffic Management

Computer vision systems also play a great role in managing traffic in urban areas. These systems monitor and analyze the traffic density and balance traffic management to increase road safety and decrease accident frequency.

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